Sony Ericsson W508

Launched: 2009

Released in 2009, this was a handset that epitomised the confidence of Sony Ericsson as a brand. Using the meaningful “Walkman” moniker, this was characterised as a handset for the masses that nonetheless contained a handful of premium features.

Boasting a roomy 100MB (expandable to 16GB with a M2 card) of internal memory, it sported physical music controls on the outside, a relatively advanced 3MP camera for the price, head-turning design and more.

At a time when smartphones were beginning to take hold, this proved that flip-phones still had what it took to compete at the high-end, and for a much lower price-point.


Sony Ericsson Z520

Launched: 2005

If there is one audience that marketers love to court but never really ‘get’, it’s the youth. With the Z520, Sony came pretty close to achieving that lofty goal.

Released in 2005, it was the first quad-band device produced by the company (real “kidz” [spelled with a ‘z’ for added ‘freshness’] in those days couldn’t get enough of good call reception), sporting swappable front plates in a variety of different colours.

With a 0.3MP VGA camera, and a secondary display on the front, it proved to be a popular, and stylish accessory for achingly trendy young things to cause acute envy among their socio-economic inferiors.