Motorola Pebl U6

Launched: 2005

The current trend for our phones is to get increasingly bigger, but the exact opposite was true in the noughties. Miniaturisation was still the hot tech of the moment, and packing the same components into ever tighter spaces was considered a hallmark of great design work.

The Pebl U6, boasting a lovely hinge and pebble-smooth exterior, was about taking this philosophy and adding comfort, aiming for a natural look and feel.

This notion clearly caught the attention of the public, with the handset selling in the millions, showing that success lies as much in little details as it does in grand sweeps.


Motorola Razr V3

Launched: 2004

For many people the world over, when thinking of flip-phones it is Motorola’s Razr series that springs to mind. Some of the best-selling handsets ever, these slick, beautiful pieces proved that phones could be premium as well as comfortable.

The V3 was the epitome of the range, selling more than 130 million units, ranking in the top ten most successful phones ever released, even to this day.

Released in late 2004, it sported a thin aluminum body that immediately set it apart from the competition, along with a keypad made from a single sheet of metal. It was arguably the first phone to fuse tech with fashion, resulting in an iconic handset that was extremely stylish.